Other features..

Optimize User Experience

Gain valuable insights into your website or app's user experience while users are actively engaged.

Boost Conversion Rates

Discover the reasons behind potential buyers not completing their transactions, helping you make targeted improvements.

Gather Product Feedback

Gain a deeper understanding of your product's functionality and your customers' preferences.

Proactive Issue Detection

Prevent problems from escalating by proactively capturing feedback, reducing the need for support tickets.

Rapid Response Collection

Implement feedback collection across your site with just one line of code, enabling you to start receiving responses within minutes.

Tailor it to Your Brand

Easily customize the feedback label's text and color to seamlessly integrate it with your site's design.

Solicit Feedback Gracefully

Receive answers without resorting to intrusive emails or interruptions, ensuring a delightful and polite user experience.

Refine Product Releases

Solicit user feedback during product launches to identify areas for enhancement and improvement.

Continuous Idea Generation

Tap into your users' insights and ideas to prioritize your development efforts effectively.