Other features..

Improve your website

Combine recordings with user feedback to make data-backed updates.

Find and fix bugs

Use recordings to find bugs in your website.

Records across tabs and pages

Relive user journeys across browser tabs. Seamless recordings for the full picture.

Optimize Your Website

Gain valuable insights into your website or app's user experience by looking how your visitors interact with your website

Boost Conversion Rates

Discover the reasons behind potential buyers not completing their transactions, helping you make targeted improvements.

Root Cause Analysis

When faced with negative feedback, review BrandBits Recordings to pinpoint the underlying issues.

Proactive Issue Detection

Only a small portion of users will contact your support in case of issues. Detect issues in recordings and fix them proactively.

Streamline User Journeys

Identify the most common paths users take on your website and optimize those journeys for a seamless experience.

Spot Navigation Roadblocks

Pinpoint areas where visitors drop off or encounter difficulties in navigating your site, allowing you to address these pain points.

Improve Content Discoverability

Ensure that important content, products, or services are easily discoverable, increasing user engagement and conversions.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Leverage data-backed insights to make informed decisions about your website's structure, layout, and content placement.

Real-time Feedback Loop

Share recordings with your team for easier troubleshooting, quick feedback, and rapid iterations.